"Oversize" Pets

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"Oversize" Pets

Post by akk on Fri Aug 18, 2017 7:59 am

I recently received a notice from the complex manager saying my dog is "oversize" and not allowed in my unit. I'm confused because I know there are several other dogs larger than mine in the complex. What can be done about this?


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Re: "Oversize" Pets

Post by Red Herring on Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:03 pm

What I have been told is there is a weight limit of 35 lbs and it is written in the rules somewhere.  Real estate agents are not getting this information and placing in their listings so people will move in only to be confronted later on with having an oversized animal.  There are also banned breeds like Rottweilers and Pit Bulls.  Renters are not being apprised of weight limits from landlords and then the same thing happens there too.

I think some of the oversized dogs are therapy/whatever you want to call it animals.  A real service animal is a different thing and approved right away with proper documentation.  A board member told me that to be approved for an oversized therapy animal is you must currently be under treatment by a local physician for a condition (anxiety for instance) that would warrant keeping a therapy animal and have the documentation.  Problem is people just get fake documentation online from a therapist or whoever, someone who has never seen the so-called patient.    I heard these people are not granted accomodation for oversized pets.  Hope that helps.

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