Welcome to the CDC Message Board!

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Welcome to the CDC Message Board!

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:05 am

Thank you for visiting the Casa Del Cerro homeowners forum.  Please register for an account, log in and start posting.  You may remain anonymous if you wish and can further protect your identity by opening another email account through free providers such as hotmail, gmail and others.  This is a private forum created by homeowners for homeowners, and whose goal is to create a free exchange of thoughts and ideas in order to vastly improve the management of our investments and provide vital communication to all members.  Presently we are using free message board hosting with the option of creating something more permanent in the future.  Bear with us as we figure out how to run this thing!  Please keep comments clean, appropriate, on-topic and non-slanderous.  Admin.


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